Renewable and Sustainable Energy 

Rhode Island Carbide Tool Company - 250 kW

Dino's Park & Shop - 250 kW 

Tanglewood Farm - 250 kW

Seaview Hotel, Newport RI - Roof & Ground-Mounted Solar - 193 kW

Newport Vineyards - Rhode Island Solar Project 

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse visits Newport Vineyard's new solar array.

The Econox Group engineered, constructed and currently maintains the Solar PV System.

"It's another example of Rhode Islanders leading the way in clean energy."

Steere Farm - Rhode Island Solar Project

Econox Renewables - Rhode Island Wind Projects

  *Northwind 100 kW - Middletown, Rhode Island

*Hodges Badge Siva 250 kW - Portsmouth, Rhode Island